Earlier this year we kicked off our My Everyday, where we handed over polaroids to some inspiring people—local artists, athletes, musicians, etc.—and got a snapshot into their life. Our first feature was with athlete, Janthavy Norton where she takes us into the Carrizo Plains in SLO county on a 33 mile cycling camping trip. Read on for a closer look into what inspires her and what styles appeal to her active lifestyle.

In what ways, if any, do you find that skateboarding shapes who you are?

I started skating when I was 17. When you're that young you're still finding yourself and exploring new hobbies and interests. I took a natural liking to skateboarding and it just felt good immediately. Fast forward ten years, I think skateboarding has made me a more passionate person and more driven because you're constantly pushing yourself to learn. Also, it's just fun and that's what it's about!

What are things outside of skateboarding, acting, and fashion that you are interested in?

I'm into a lot of things. I like to dabble in multiple activities. I'm super into biking right now. I got into it last year and went on a whole long distance trip with some friends and after that I got hooked into bikepacking, mountain biking, and road biking. It's just nice to get outside and ride. It feels meditative. All in all I just like being outside whether it be biking, camping, swimming in nature, all the peaceful things.

Do you have a favorite local park?

My favorite park is South Pasadena skatepark. I live pretty close so it's easy to get out and go there and have a quick session.

You took photos at the skatepark and street skating, do you prefer one over the other?

I am more comfortable in parks because I skate mostly transition but I prefer street skating. I think it's just a little more raw and it's an environment that's not designed for skating so you actually have to push yourself.

What do you like most about the skateboarding community?

It's growing and it's nice to know that when I'm traveling, if I have a skateboard I almost always make a new friend through that common interest.  I like that everyone can kind of have their own style and there's no real uniformed way to dress or skate.

You took the camera on a cycling camping trip. That’s rad. Where did you go and how long was your ride?

I went to Carrizo Plains in SLO county and caught the end of a superbloom. It was super fun, the ride was a little over 33 miles and we just camped out one night in some BLM land. It was really beautiful out there and we didn't run into any other campers. A lot of the ride was a slight downhill slope so we were cruisin and exploring the area.


Did you grow up camping or is that something you’ve gotten more into as an adult?

I grew up camping, boating, fishing, offroading, and just being outside in general. I'm very thankful to have been introduced to all of that as a young girl because it's something that I still love and enjoy and get to share with others.

Are there similarities between gravel biking and skateboarding for you?

I think biking and skateboarding give me the same feeling but all in all they are pretty different and that's what I like about it. I tend to get bored or unmotivated with one or the other so it's nice to have options to bounce between.

When did you get into gravel biking? What has that community been like?

I didn't really get into it until last year after my bike trip to Arizona. The community has been great! There's different little groups I'll go riding with and there was even a day where I went with a bunch of people who were just meeting for the first time. I'm still pretty new to it but it's been very communal and open and I like that.

What are some camping, biking, or skate trips that you would like to go on?

I would really just love to go on a nice camping trip up along the coast. As for biking I hear there are pretty good rides in Oregon which would be lovely. One day I think it would be really cool to ride a bike across the country. As for skate trips I've been itching to go to Barcelona and explore a bit out there!

Who are the people you are inspired by? Whether it's skateboarding, fashion, music, etc.

I'm inspired by my friends. I have a lot of talented friends pursuing all their passions and going out and working hard.


What are the projects that you are most proud of?

I was really happy to be a part of Worble World, I was pretty motivated to get clips and skate. We did a fun US Tour and premiered it and then went to Europe so I was really excited to experience that with my best friends.

What's next for Janthavy?

I always have the most random opportunities come to life so I think there will be a lot more skating, biking, and traveling in the foreseeable future.

What are your favorite Tailored Union socks and what  do you like to pair them with!?

My favorite pair of socks are the Jouers. I like wearing them while biking or I wear them with my Docs.

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Janthavy's Sock Selection: Jouer, Luxe