Ashlie Chavez

Tell me about yourself.
I am an artist and photographer. I have a BFA in Creative Photography. I solely studied analog photography. I have an 8 year old son named River and we're two peas in a pod.

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Why do you do what you do? What is your favorite medium to work with? What motivates you?
I shoot anything and everything with whatever camera I can get my hands on. I prefer film over digital. I run an online art store of my work as well. Having a therapeutic outlet is what motivates me. Dark humor has always inspired me.

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Where do you currently live? Where do you work on your art?
I live in LA county and work out of my room. I built a suspended art desk that takes up three walls. It's cramped but allows me to spend time with River.

When did you get into doing collages and working with different medians and photography?
I started studying photography when I was 14, my mom would drive me to a darkroom after school. I got into collage when River was born because it was too hard to shoot and I had to make something! I love working with paper, it's calming — each artwork has hundreds of different pieces of paper.

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Why did you get into it?
My mom was a professional photographer and when she changed careers she gave my twin sister and I her equipment. I fell in love with documenting things and engaging with others.

How do you balance your creative outlet and being a mom?
It was really hard when River was young! Now that he's 8, he has been more of an assistant than something that holds me back; he's actually gone to work with me. He's a menace but when he feels utilized, he can be quite helpful.

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Favorite thing to do with your son:
I love taking him skateboarding!

Does your son like art:
Yes, River loves to paint and draw, specifically sharks and skeletons...

Favorite quote from your son:
"We need to give it our all no matter how bad the situation is."

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Photographed By: Amber Maalouf
Featured Socks: Jouer & Centre