Tailored Union is thrilled to introduce you to its newest collaborator, Hannah Packer, a native North Carolinian currently based in the vibrant city of Brooklyn, NY. In our collaboration with Hannah, we delve into the little things that bring her joy. Each design in the collection is a reflection of Hannah's creativity and endless imagination.

Hannah is a multifaceted creative, working as an Art Director, Visual Designer, and Illustrator. Her professional collection spans across diverse industries including health, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and food and drink. With an eye for detail, Hannah's expertise shines through in her digital illustrations and graphic design. Hannah's artistic journey is a testament to her inspirations, the vibrant vibes of the 70s, childhood nostalgia, and the joys of her everyday life.

Join us as we dive deeper into Hannah's creative journey, exploring her inspirations, artistic process, and the profound impact of her work across various industries. Through her insights and experiences, we gain a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of creativity that defines Hannah's world.


What does creativity look like to you and how do you find inspiration? How do you incorporate creative processes into your everyday life and work?

I’m a big believer that anyone and everyone can be “creative.” You don’t have to be an artist to be a creative person. To me, cooking a new meal, putting together a cool outfit, experimenting with your makeup, or doodling on the side of your notebook are all creative acts, and I think it’s when I’m expressing myself in those ways that I feel most inspired. For example, I love clothes, especially shoes, and getting dressed everyday helps jumpstart my creative process. It’s fun combining different patterns, textures and colors to see what works and what feels good, and that’s kind of how I feel about my art. 


What inspired your artistic path and where did you get started? When did you know you wanted to pursue art full time?

Growing up, my Nana was my biggest creative inspiration. She began her career in London as a dress designer, so she was the person who taught me how to use a sewing machine and how to knit. Spending time with her on creative projects and looking through her old sketches was the beginning of my artistic path. For a while, I wanted to be a clothing designer like her, or work in fashion merchandising, but in college, I discovered my love for graphic design, which is what I ended up pursuing. Since then, I knew that the graphic world was where I wanted to be, and I’ve never looked back!


What subjects or concepts do you explore in your illustrations?

I've always been floral-obsessed, so it's no surprise that flowers are a constant theme throughout my work. When I began illustrating and lettering in 2016, I was doing so as a form of therapy and desire to spread powerful, positive messages. As my work has evolved, I've spent less time creating pieces that include type, and more time trying to develop my style using my love of texture, color, playful imagery and yes, you guessed it, florals.

Can you tell us a little bit about your designs for the sock collection and the inspiration behind it.

When I began brainstorming ideas for this collection, I asked myself, (this is corny, but true lol) “What are the little things that make me happy?,” and that became my jumping-off point. I thought about flowers and nature, bright colors, funky patterns, food, and animals and how I can incorporate them into fun sock designs that would make my day a little brighter. In hindsight, I’ve realized each of these designs are their own love letter to my inner child.

What is your favorite style from your collection?

Ooof, this is a hard one because I truly love them all in their own way. Although, I think I gravitate toward “Cowgirl Frog” the most for a few reasons: 1) Green is my favorite color and the multi-green knit is such a cool statement and adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit. 2) They look like a simple green sock until you see the frog illustration, which is such a fun surprise. 3) Frogs are amazing. 4) Who wouldn’t want a cute, smiling frog in a pink cowgirl hat on their socks? 🤠


How has being an art director in different industries such as health and beauty in New York affected your worldview? How does it inform your creative practice?

Being an art director across different industries has not only expanded my skill set but has also taught me to approach creative challenges with communication and empathy. As an art director, I work and collaborate with numerous teams and people – photographers, videographers, producers, stylists, models, designers, clients, etc, so it’s important to lead with empathy and understand that 99% of the time, problems can easily be solved with clear and kind communication.


For the past 4 years you worked with L'Oréal, focusing on rebranding and leading art direction. How has this experience of working for such a large and well established brand been and how has it evolved over the years? How did the original collaboration come about?

My career journey may be confusing so bear with me, haha. I began working for POPSUGAR as a visual designer in 2017, and switched internal teams in 2019 to work on a project for L’Oréal. So, I was still working for POPSUGAR, but I was on the creative agency side of the company. Working with L’Oréal was an incredible learning experience – I worked with various clients on the L’Oréal team, designed for their editorial sites, learned the ins-and-outs of art directing and being on set, and grew into the creative I am now. The shift from being on a large team to being the sole designer on this big project (which later transformed into a small team of designers) took some getting used to, but what truly shaped my experience was having an incredible manager who supported and encouraged me along the way – love you Mel!

What inspired you to become a freelance artist? How do you find working across so many different industries such as health, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and food and drink?

I’ve been working across various industries since 2016, but only recently became a full-time freelance designer and art director. When I was working in the corporate world, I loved freelancing on the side as a way to expand my portfolio, gain experience outside of my 9-5, and collaborate with small companies and business owners. Freelancing has its own challenges, but I really enjoy having the freedom to choose the projects I want to work on and being able to directly communicate with clients.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’ve never been able to put my style into words until I found the” three-word method,” which was started by NYC-based stylist Allison Bornstein. It took me a while to figure out, but the three words I’ve landed on are, “playful,” “‘70s-esque,” and “comfortable.” I like having fun with fashion – some days you can find me in a classic, all-black outfit and on other days I'll be wearing big prints with a million different colors. My favorite pieces in my closet range from being tailored, neutral, and elevated, to oversized, maximalist and flowy, which is why “playful” is my first word. Over time I’ve also noticed that I tend to incorporate ‘70s trends throughout my day-to-day style whether it's a funky print, oversized silhouette or platform shoe. Lastly, I gravitate toward pieces that feel great on my body. Because I live in a city where I’m constantly commuting, walking around and going from one event to another, comfort is absolutely key if I want to have a good day.

What does your illustrative process look like?

Every day is different, but most of the time my process always starts with doodling to get my creative juices flowing!


What do you find most fulfilling about your creative pursuits?

I feel most fulfilled when others share that my art has resonated with them, made their day or inspired them in some way. I tend to create a mix of work that can either be silly and fun, or serious and a bit heavy. However, I always try to add touches of humor and positivity to my art. Sometimes a visual reminder that things are going to be ok is all you need to get through a bad day.

Who are some of your favorite artists/designers and why? Do you derive different forms of inspiration when working with different mediums of arts, such as photography and art direction versus illustrations.

I have SO many favorite artists – Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Hilma AF Klint, Cy Twombly, Henri Mattise, Keith Haring, Ana Leovy, Willem de Kooning, the list goes on! Can’t you tell I love abstract expressionism!? A few of my favorite designers/illustrators are Enikő Katalin Eged, Amyisla Mccombie, Jade Purple Brown, Ceci Erlich, Estefania Loret de Mola, and Marine Buffard. What I’m most drawn to about all of these artists and designers are the way they use color and texture. It’s not just about what they create but how they infuse life into their work using color theory and experimenting with different mediums or effects.

Do you have advice for other aspiring artists?

As a perfectionist procrastinator, the hardest part for me is beginning a project, but once I’m in it, I’m focused and enjoying the creative process. So my advice for aspiring artists and procrastinators like me is to just START. And then keep going, keep exploring, keep experimenting!

Do you have some inspiring quotes that guide you or that you live by?

Words I repeat to myself often are “healing isn’t linear.” In the past few years I’ve experienced a lot of loss and have watched the ones closest to me also lose people they love, so when I go through periods of pain and ask myself, “hey, I thought I was over this, why am I thinking about this right now,” I try to give myself grace and remember that the healing process isn’t linear, and that’s ok.

What should we expect to see from you this year, anything exciting in the works or any goals for 2024?

I’m working on a few rebranding projects right now, which has been super fun! It’s always cool to see brand transformations come to life. As far as goals for 2024, I really want to put myself out there more and get better at speaking about my work. I’d love to collaborate more with other artists or amazing brands like Tailored Union, so I’m manifesting more projects like this!


Where can people find out more about you?

Website: HannahCPacker.com

Instagram: @hannahcpacker