Nolan Cooley

Introducing Nolan Cooley, our newest (and youngest) artist to join our Tailored Collection. Nolan is a young artist living with autism who began obsessively creating repetitive patterned art at the age of six. Now, 9 years later, he has caught the attention for several collaborative projects— 9Five, Bumbag, Krink to name a few—including his new collection of Tailored socks. Nolan’s art provokes positive vibes through his bright colors & happy face logo that very much resembles his own youthful and happy personality. Tailored Union Nolan Cooley Portrait Artwork

Tailored Union Nolan Cooley Women's Jolly Rancher Sock Artwork

Tailored Union Nolan Cooley Smiley Face Krink Arts-Rec

Tailored Union Nolan Cooley Men's Bit The Hand Lifestyle