Our Top 10 Women’s Sock Styles for Fall and Winter

Our Top 10 Women’s Sock Styles for Fall and Winter

Sep 19, 2023Peyton McCullough

The search is over. We have compiled a list of our ten warmest and coziest socks that will keep your toes frostbite-free and your style statement-worthy throughout the cooler weather. All too often, those who do not work in the sock industry, like we do, tend to think of the essential foot accessory as an afterthought. However, once a gust of brisk, cold air blows through and the cozy scent of autumn returns, everyone begins strategizing the best way to keep warm. And suddenly, socks become top of mind. We are here to help you start from the ground up, to pull together a stellar outfit based solely off the socks on your feet. Are you ready?

Best Socks for Staying Warm: The Cozy

From the outside, our Cozy styles appear to be your average knit sweater socks, but the thick design and the fuzzy interior make all the difference. Our Cozy socks are the perfect alternative to slippers and are your best bet for staying warm all winter long. For maximum comfort, pair with your softest robe. For a look that can be taken outside, pair with straight leg jeans, a leather jacket, and your go-to Doc Martens.

Best Socks for Sweater Weather: The Eben and The Cable

Sweaters for your feet? Say less. Both mid-weight, sweater knit, premium combed cotton designs, the Eben and the Cable will keep you warm throughout the day while remaining breathable and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. Both ankle styles can be worn with just about anything in your closet from your vintage overalls to your favorite pair of cords. Show them off with cuffed pant legs and a low top sneaker or loafer.

cable sweater knit socks

Best Socks to Wear with Boots: The Lexi

Another sweater knit, the Lexi is between an ankle and a crew in length, making it the ultimate boot sock. Maintaining warmth inside the boot and protecting your ankles and calves, this varsity-style sock is a must-have for the fall and winter seasons. Wear the Lexi with ankle booties to expose the contrasting stripes of the sock or pull on taller boots for a no-show look.

Best Socks to Wear with Heels: The Luxe

Heels are not only for the spring and summer months. When paired with the right socks, your heels can make even more of a statement during the fall and winter. The Luxe Crew offers the length you need for the perfect scrunched look (conveniently also keeping your ankles extra warm), while the ribbing design adds a hint of sophistication that pairs nicely with any of the heels in your closet.

Best Socks to Wear with Loafers: The Nana

While we’d consider the majority of our socks to be loafer-friendly, there is one pair that really stands out for the colder seasons. The Nana is a knit sweater lace that is as comfortable as it is chic. The reinforced toe and heel double in function for both support and warmth. Your loafers will seem brand new when paired with the Nana.

nana sweater knit socks

Best Socks for the Holidays: The Casey and The Star

Shimmer for the holidays? Groundbreaking. Our Casey Shimmer socks allow you to mismatch on purpose. The unexpected print and glitter fabric make the accessory an easy conversation starter. The Casey is the type of sock that can completely transform any outfit. While slightly more subtle in design, the Star Shimmer is likely to do the same. Both styles should also keep your toes protected from the cold.

Best Socks for Lounging: The Terry

What we enjoy most about the colder months is the slower lifestyle. The gloomy weather gives us a socially acceptable reason to stay inside and snuggle up on the couch with a good book, our Terry socks, and an oversized sweater. Designed with all-over terry cushioning, our Terry socks are the epitome of comfort. Like your favorite soup on a rainy day, these socks will provide both physical and emotional comfort.

Best Socks for Sleeping: The Flour

Sleeping with socks may not be for everyone. However, for those who run cold and need an extra layer for their feet or those who simply like to get in bed feeling extra cozy, the Flour is for you. Not your typical “fuzzy” sock, the Flour is soft but lightweight and includes a terry footbed, offering additional comfort and support for catching up on those REMs.

flour fuzzy socks

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