Slowdown Studio

Slowdown Studio

Jun 08, 2021Tailored Union

Slowdown Studio has been a big inspiration for us here at Tailored Union and we are constantly in awe of the countless collaborations Australian-born, Los Angeles-based designer Marc Hendrick has done. Needless to say we were pretty excited to work together with Marc on Slowdown’s first ever sock collection and loved the direction he took it, using some of their most beloved contributors.

In typical Slowdown fashion their collection features three artist they have previously collaborated with; Maité Garcia, Claire Ritchie and Sujin Kimm. Each artist has created two designs in the Slowdown Collection, all offering a pop of color and fun patterns, unique to each of their styles.

slowdown studio artist collection ankle socks gif

Right now the majority of us are tied up in our homes for the time being so why not introduce some new art into your space. Slowdown Studio has mastered supporting a variety of emerging and established artists across the globe and offering some of the most fun and unique at-home goods you can find. They have found a way to utilize their creative network producing more than just art for your wall (which they offer), but also beautiful yet functional everyday pieces to cuddle up with, keep you busy, write to loved ones and now wear (plus many more). Put a little pep in your step while supporting not only a brand founded on supporting the arts but also the artists who made the designs and collection possible.

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