PRIDE in Your Stride

Tailored Union celebrates PRIDE in your stride. Inclusion is the name of our sock game, and recently, we had a special photoshoot to capture this sentiment. We’re excited to share some more photoshoot highlights during our hometown’s Pride week…

San Diego pride is finally here! And what better way to celebrate pride in our hometown than to show more love and support to those we cherish the most? Tailored Union Pride is heavily influenced by the community. Like a magnet, we are attracted to all-things love and fashion, especially when it's coupled with representation.

Socks are one of those fashion staples that nearly everyone buys, but this time around, we wanted to incorporate fashion and love in the name of representation.Vivian F.  @veezywho

We believe it's important to see a range of couples in normalized content, and not just some facade for brands to capitalize on behalf of another person’s lifestyle. Instead, we stand by pride, knowing that pride is more than a statement, but a lifestyle that shouts, “We are here to stay, and we love love in all forms.” 

Thomas P.  @_phenometom

These photos showcase our ongoing commitment to intentionally create inclusive content, without needing to wave a rainbow flag in the vein name of consumerism. We vow to create and present opportunities to represent individuals from all walks of life. After all, this is fashion, the one space many turn toward to freely express themselves. terry ultra soft cotton socks

When we asked community leader, Renée D (@rennymah), what pride means to her, she shared her thoughts from the heart: “Pride means authentically walking in your truth with your head held high, your chin being lifted by those who fought for the space to be themselves, your feet making impressions on the youth to follow in the very same steps embedded in strife and carved with persistence made by your mentors and ancestors. Your arms and your hands connected to your peers and your allies vowing to catch us when we fall and your voice shattering the preconceived notions and expectations with the words ‘I am enough.’ Pride is teaching your youth and your elders to see people as beautiful human beings and addressing them as so. Pride is expression, curiosity, self-awareness, healing, humility, education, art, love, emotion and a celebration.  As a bi-sexual, First Nations woman in a same-sex bi-racial relationship I feel proud to finally embrace who I am today and continue to provide myself the space to learn about who I am still becoming.” 

“Your feet making impressions on the youth to follow.” We like your style, Renée, and couldn’t agree more. Joel D. also chimed in and said, Pride isn’t about being gay. I’ve *always* been ✨gay✨. It’s about NO LONGER being AFRAID…! 💕💙💚💛🧡💜❤️“

Tierra P. @creative22

Tossing fear to the wind is what we like to hear as TU celebrates those who find freedom in self-expression as well as supporting those trying to find their voice. During this awesome week, show your PRIDE with our fun selections! 

PRIDEful Selections: Line Ankle, Trippy Crew, Fendu Crew, Terry Ankle, Pride

Photographs by Erica Nichole (@ericaaanichole)