Love is Always in Style

Love is Always in Style

Feb 07, 2022Tailored Union

Love is in the air!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, lovers and friends alike begin their quest to find the perfect gift or impart the sweetest gesture.


No matter what social media tells you or the pressure you may undeservedly place on your shoulders to make February 14th perfect, the real impact of a gift or gesture is in its level of thoughtfulness.

You’ve heard the expression a million times, “it’s the thought that counts,” and those five words will forever ring true.

Thoughtfulness is a major key in the exchange of love. Really, it’s essential to the betterment of relationships, platonic and romantic. Anticipating someone’s needs or wishes is an act of love, something everyone deserves to experience. 

Gift givers, keep in mind that thoughtfulness can be bold or subtle and comforting or exciting. There are no rules for how to show consideration. It’s the genuine care for others that touches the soul and makes days like Valentine’s Day a moment to remember.


This Valentine’s Day, Tailored Union is elevating your level of thoughtfulness through style and comfort (think classic hearts and love-themed patterns). With the highest quality socks and unique in-house designs, the true mark of LA fashion, our XO Capsule will shower your loved one’s feet with style.

Thoughtfulness is showing extra love, and we have a few ideas in mind:

Shower your loved ones with this pair of socks designed to hug the feet and pair well with any shoe (you simply can’t go wrong!)




Love sprinkled around your ankles? Yes, please! The Sweetheart socks embodies thoughtfulness, and with a classic black and white pattern, these pair well with any and everything (and if you’re feeling bold, try the rainbow-colored pair.)

Oh, and don’t be afraid to shower yourself with thoughtfulness, too! Celebrating love includes self-love, today and every day. Opt for the sheer collection—silky to the touch (note to self: add to cart). 



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