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Woon Kitchen

Woon Kitchen

We have built Tailored Union around supporting small creatives who are making big impacts within their communities. Currently, the nation is facing a hardship not yet experienced in our time and it is in moments like these we need to come together and encourage each other more than ever. Many of our retailers and favorite spots have been advised to close their doors, tremendously hurting their business — However, we can all still do our part to help by continuing to shop their online channels whether it be thru their websites, Instagram or new avenues they are pursuing to stay afloat.

We are blessed with the love we have received from so many of you since our launch and we cherish the relationships we have built. We can only ask you to help maintain the relationships YOU have built with your local stores, favorite artists and brands to help everyone get through these times together.

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Keegan Fong, founder of Woon Kitchen, has made an iconic L.A. spot in a short amount of time. He has mastered every detail from the branding to the decor and most importantly the food. Keegan has managed to keep it within his community, using his talented friends and family to help make Woon what he envisioned it could be.

Keegan Fong and Moma Fong in Woon Kitchen

Inspired by his Mom (who he also employees), Keegan started Woon as a simple family run pop-up with the desire to share Mama Fong's original Chinese comfort food with the world. Now settled into his first brick and mortar in Historic Filipinotown, he has employed a lot of his friends to help in creating the uniqueness of Woon right down to the furniture you sit on.  

Keegan took a risk leaving his full time job to venture out on his own building Woon and along the way he has created so much opportunity and work for other people. If you find yourself in Woon Kitchen's proximity we highly recommend trying it out and perhaps walking away in some awesome, new stylish socks. Let's show Woon Kitchen the same support that they have shown their friends, family and community.


Woon Collection Socks with Food